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How long will the results last from any hair/skin care products?

By: :Brillare Science 1 comments
How long will the results last from any hair/skin care products?

The most common personal care scenario, we start a new skin or hair care ritual with a lot of enthusiasm and observe some visible difference after using the products.

But the problem begins when we decide to either stop it or switch to some other products. We go back to square zero, and the problem reappears.

Rarely, we get a lifetime solution for concern by using just the product once or twice.

Why does it happen? Here is the science.

When we apply conditioner on our hair, a small portion of oil, butter and moisturiser penetrates inside hair and nourishes them. But, it is the cationic polymer that gives instant smoothening and glides effect on hair. Ideally, this glide effect remains on hair for 24-48 and gradually fades away before rewashing the hair.

Let us understand this in-depth by taking an example of hyperpigmentation leads to pigmented skin.

  1. The amount of melanin in our skin determines the colour of the skin.
  2. Melanocytes in the deeper layer of skin control the amount of melanin secretion.
  3. Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) regulates the Melanocytes in the skin.
  4. The pituitary gland at the base of your brain controls the Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH).

It may sound too scientific and complex, but here is a simple gist of the story.
"Our skin colour is determined by a gland situated near the brain."

Considering this, can a creme or serum we apply on the face go to our brain and stop it from producing melanocytes? No.

So can it control pigmentation? Definitely, Yes.

When you apply any creme or serum, it clears excess melanin and controls melanocytes but nothing beyond that. So, you can expect a creme or serum to help you recover from tanning and restore your original skin complexion. But, if you wish them to make you whiter forever or fairer than what you were a child, that is not possible.

With this example, you might have understood that hair & skincare products need to be seen as lifestyle products and not a magical remedy.

So, stick to whatever suits you.

Try to take a break and see if your acne/pigmentation/dermatitis/dandruff/hair fall comes back if you stop using certain products? If not, maybe the concern was due to temporary hormonal changes, food habit, climate, pollution or stress. But if the problem comes back, consider using the product(s) as your lifelong companion.

That's why it's super important to choose natural & clean products only while trying to solve our hair/skin problems. Because if any product suits you and can solve your problem, you would want to marry it and not change it.

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comments ( 1 )

Oct 01, 2021

This is an amazing blog on consistent hair and skincare. Everyone needs to read this. People are in such a hurry to get results and they keep jumping from product to product in the hope of better results. They all need to accept the consistency part of beauty regimes.

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