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Meet world's most powerful
booster face serums!

Age Revival Power Drops

Oil Away Power Drops

Skin Lightening Power Drops

Age Revival Summer Kit

Oil Away Summer Kit

Skin Lightening Summer Kit

Commonly Asked Questions

Are Power Drops face serums?

Yes, Power Drops are new generation booster face serums that are much more powerful than traditional face serums available in the market.

How to use Power Drops?

Just mix 3 drops of Power Drops Face Serum with either a toner in summer or moisturiser in winter on twice a day basis.

Can Power Drops be used alone?

Yes, you can use them alone, but for additional hydration and better coverage, we suggest using them with toner or moisturiser.

Is there any side effect?

No. Power Drops are a mix of 100% natural, non-comedogenic oils with zero added water, zero chemicals or preservatives, so they can deliver superior results without any side effects.

Why is Power Drops more effective than traditional serums?

Traditional serums are made with 5-10% or at the max 20% of active ingredients, and the rest is water or chemicals. In contrast, Power Drops are made with 100% active ingredients without any dilution, so naturally, they are much more powerful than traditional serums.

One bottle of Power Drops will last for how many days?

Applying 3 drops twice a day will make 15 ml of Power Drops bottle for 30 days.

How long can you continue using Power Drops?

Forever. Yes, it true. You will get healthier, better skin in 30 days, but keep on using Power Drops as a part of your daily skincare ritual will prevent your acne/ageing or pigmentation concern to come back. Unlike traditional skin serums, as Power Drops are made with 100% natural ingredients only with a clinically proven formula, using them for the rest of your life will have no side effects on your skin whatsoever.