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Everything you need to know about Skin Acid Mantle

By: :Khushali Shah 0 comments
Everything you need to know about Skin Acid Mantle

Our skin is primarily the first defence of our body. But, it also has its guard! Acid Mantle is known as the skin’s first defence mechanism of the body. The defence mechanism may sound too highbrow, but the acid mantle truly has a unique role for skin! Disturbing this thin layer has spontaneous reactions causing many disruptions in your skin.

What is an Acid Mantle?

The acid mantle is a mix of lipids present in the skin sebum and amino acids of the sweat, forming a  fine film on the skin. It is slightly acidic with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5, i.e. sebum presence is more, giving acid mantle the name. This invisible configuration of skin safeguards the inner moisture, curtails the transepidermal water loss and inoculates skin against foreign bodies.  It works as a “Roof for the skin”.

How to know when the Acid Mantle is disrupted?

Acid mantle aids to retain the skin microbiome in place. The skin microbiome is the conglomeration of good and bad bacteria residing on your skin. A disturbed acid mantle will let the bad bacteria to thrive more. When skin shows its vexation by exhibiting signs like redness, irritation, sensitivity, eczema, dermatitis and premature ageing, know that the Acid mantle is pestered. When the roof is not sealed correctly, it will not be able to screen the skin from any bacterial or microbial ambush.


How to balance the pH of the skin and keep the Acid Mantle Intact?

The acid mantle’s importance is often spurned over. As quickly as the acid mantle layer is disturbed, it can be revamped easily too. With the sensitive nature it carries, the acid mantle can be distorted with hard water or with products with high pH. If the acid mantle is nudged every time, the skin produces more oil, compensating for its lost acidic nature, making it face the consequences, such as breakouts. A minimal change in the skincare routine will reinstate the skin well-being.

1.) Don’t overlook your cleansing routine:

Cleansers that not only efface the skin of dirt, dust or pollutants but even stripes of the natural oils are shoddy, not leaving behind a wee of moisture in the skin. Supersede them with Brillare’s Real face wash range. The Real face washes are powdered based cleansers made with zero dilution and 100% natural ingredients, with three different variants. Something more alluring about these face washes is the cleansing base. They are made of coconut-derived surfactants, with potent amino acids naturally produced by the body to give a mild and sulphate free cleansing. Adding to the goodness, these face washes are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic too!

2.) Toners do the balancing:

Toning is often an underestimated step of the skincare regimen. Toners are eminent for their property of rebalancing the skin pH. They restore the disturbed pH level after cleansing, letting the skin breathe back in relief. Brillare’s skin toners are made with pure hydrosols, concern specific active and nothing else! They have light hydrating properties with a soothing aroma. Use them alone or with the power drops to experience a benign skin transformation in just 30 days.

3.) Don’t scrap; just exfoliate!

Mild skin exfoliation is enough for the skin to breathe back. Scrubs with bigger granular size cause unnecessary skin abrasion. Switch to the blend of natural AHA or micro-size exfoliants twice a week to preserve the roof from diminishing.

4.) Nourishment, never-ever miss this:

Nourishing the skin with the right products, at the right times and in the right amount is of utmost importance to make the skin experience a healthy pH. Brillare’s skin moisturisers are formulated to be concern-specific, provide hydration in the appropriate amount, and keep the skin pH in check. These attributes inadvertently safeguard the skin acid mantle.

And, it’s all about skin balancing! A healthy skin barrier is crucial for maintaining a balanced skin microbiome and fortifying the skin against pathogens, helping the skin to stay in its robust form. Insurance a few steps and place them rightly in the daily routine to never let the shield down!

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