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What's in the Name "Brillare"

At Brillare, we don't believe in following the pre-walked paths. For us, Innovation and meaningful differentiation is the way of life. Personal care industry is divided into two major categories. One is natural product category, focused on sensory & not expected to deliver measurable results. The other is synthetic chemical based product category, known to give quick fix results but not good for hair & skin in the long run.

Can we not deliver real, meaningful results from real natural products? For sure it can be done! It just requires unmatched formulation skills and unshakeable belief in nature.

With the aim of delivering uncompromised hair & skin care, we aspire to be a rare sparkling star in the personal care universe. And that is what the name "Brillare" stands for.

Why We Exist?

14 years back, on 20th December 2009, a young pharmacist decided to embark on a journey to create personal care products that are more honest, effective & responsible in a way they are formulated & communicated.

How The Journey Begun?

Rather than being called CEO, Jigar Patel likes to be recognised as formulation scientist. Driven by this passion towards personal care products, he decided to create an Indian brand which delivers sustainable results from all natural nutrition. Our dream run started in a small 10X6 feet research lab with a team of just 5 people.

Initial Golden Days.

Just with the team of 5 core members we launched our products in “Ahmedabad Central Mall”. We still remember that first day when we all stayed till midnight to setup our stall and welcome our first customer.

In the morning, the joy of selling our first bottle was incomparable. To our surprise, we sold around 90k of goods in a month from our stall!

Unknown Territory.

Just after our launch in Ahmedabad Central Mall, the biggest question in-front of us was “Where are we going to sell our products?” We approached many distributors but unfortunately none of them were interested to work with us.

Some even said, “Dekho bacche, yeh brand banane ka sapna bhul jao. India mein har roz 100 se zyada cosmetic companies khulti hair par zyadatar bandh ho jati hai. Yeh brand banana har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hai”. It took 3 years of door to door knocking & many relentless nights to have almost 20 distributors in western India to cover 500 salons. We grew at a slow steady pace till 2016.

What Is Real Success?

From 2017 to mid-2019, we increased our distribution to cover 10,000 salons across India.

But, can growth in market coverage be called as the real success? No. We were so busy handling our distributors that we failed to communicate with our end consumers.

From 2019, we started focusing on creating more direct communication with our end consumers. As a part of it, we launched our own website, became more active on our social media channels & made our products available on all major e-commerce platforms along with salons.

Zero Dilution Promise

In the year 2020, our formulation team came up with a huge update.

We realised that people are getting conscious day by day to choose authentic natural & sustainable products only. But instead of creating real natural products, companies are taking leverage of this need and designing their products to look & feel natural but in reality, they are not.

We decided to challenge this status quo and formulate 100% natural, 100% active products. This entire initiative will be called as “Zero Dilution Promise”.

We Are The Science People.

If you remember, we began our story with a self introspective question “Why we exist!” and after a long, inspiring journey of 10+ years, the answer is “We are the science people on a mission to deliver dermatology grade results to our customers from real natural products.”


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