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More than 99% of hair & skin care products available in market are made with 60-70% water, 25-35% of chemicals and just 5% or even less natural ingredients.

It simply means that the products you have been believing as natural are not really natural but "Diluted Cosmetics".

What is Zero Dilution Promise?

It means 100% natural nutrition for your hair, skin and body without any chemicals, added water & preservatives.

Zero Dilution Promise represents nature in its purest & most powerful form to deliver dermatology grade results without any compromise on the safety of your hair, skin & body.

Why we need Zero Dilution?

To answer this let us start with a question

How much of real neem, your favorite neem face wash has?

Maybe 5%. What about the rest 95%?

It is either water or chemicals loaded with harsh preservatives. Similar is the case with any popular cosmetics product like your favorite coffee scrub or onion oil, or apple cider vinegar shampoo.

Chemicals are cheap, and water is of negligible cost, so most companies add just a few drops of natural ingredients on top of chemicals & water-heavy cosmetic products to make people believe that they are buying genuine natural products.

Such diluted hair/skin care products do more harm than good. If we really want to give best possible nutrition to our precious hair/skin, we need to use all natural, zero dilution products only.

Are all Brillare products
made with Zero Dilution?

No, we will not lie!

Since our inception, we have been much ahead of the race and have always maintained transparency by claiming the percentage of natural ingredients on our products. Our current products are already much healthier for your hair & skin than competition.

Many of our current products also have water and a few percentages of chemicals in them. But, we are our own competition so the future version of our current products will be even better with 100% natural with zero dilution. Entire Brillare range will be revamped and made available with Zero Dilution promise by 2022.

Which products are
available in Zero Dilution?


From our total basket of 38 products, 24 products like Real Face Washes, Oil Shots, Power Drops, Face Toners, Mineral Sunscreen, Ultimate Soothing Oil & Body Care Ritual are already available in Zero Dilution formula. Rest of the products will also be revamped by 2023.

Do join us in this movement and help us deliver just the pure, 100% natural nutrition to your precious hair & skin.

Oil Shots

100% natural oil blend to treat hair fall, dandruff or dry hair in 15 days!

Real Face Wash

100% natural powder face wash for mild, yet effective cleansing

Power Drops

100% Natural booster face serums to take care of skin concerns like ageing, pigmentation or acne in 30 days!

Face Toners

100% Natural face toner range formulated specially for skin concerns like ageing, pigmentation or acne.

Natural Mineral Sunscreen

100% Natural non-absorbing sunscreen formulated to provide safest sun protection from harmful UV rays.

Ultimate Soothing Oil

A 100% natural oil to comfort and nourish dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

Body Care Ritual

100% Natural Aromatherapy backed, healthiest three-step body care ritual to refresh your mind, body and soul.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why most companies make diluted cosmetics and not real natural products?

Because synthetic chemicals are cheap, and water is of negligible cost, so most companies add just a few drops of natural ingredients on top of chemicals & water-heavy hair/skin care products to make people believe that they are buying genuine natural products.

To cut short, 99% of products sold in the market as natural are not really natural.

How can we know if the products available in the market are with or without the dilution?

Simple. Just check the back label. Suppose the first ingredient is water, mineral oil or any other ingredient apart from the main natural ingredient (like neem in a neem face wash or onion in onion oil). In that case, the product is to be considered a diluted product.

Is there a way to identify the exact amount of any particular ingredient in a product?

No. Cosmetic law does not require companies to write the concentration of ingredients, so it's challenging to find out the exact amount of the ingredient you are looking for. But, there is a way out.
It is mandatory for companies to write down the ingredients in their decreasing order. Mostly, the first 3-4 ingredients in any products make up 90% of the product and ingredients after that make up the rest 10%.

Nature is also made of chemicals. Are all chemicals bad?

Yes, nature is also made of various chemicals, but we mean zero synthetic chemicals when we talk about zero chemicals. Chemicals in their original natural form extracted from a plant, water or soil work as nutrition to the skin, but the modified synthetic chemicals are harsh on hair & skin, so we just avoid them.

How to identify if any ingredient is natural or a synthetic chemical?

Generally, companies do write the source of ingredient if it's natural. For example, Decyl Glucoside is a foaming ingredient responsible for cleansing. Just by looking at it, you may think it's chemical, but it's derived from coconut oil, so if you find it written as Decyl Glycoside (Coconut Derived) in the ingredient list, you can consider that it is natural.

Why we need preservative-free products?

Ever since the cosmetic industry is created, preservatives are used to protect the products, but the issue is that these preservatives are harsh on skin, and along with killing microbes in product, they kill good bacteria on skin which makes skin weaker, sensitive & reactive. So preservatives need to be avoided.

If there are no preservatives in the product, how is it protected from contamination and microbes?

By a technique called alternative natural preservation. Few new-age natural ingredients are no preservatives, but they have proven antimicrobial actions. Such ingredients act as nutrition to skin but not liked by outside bacterial or fungus. These kinds of ingredients ensure that the product remains protected, yet skin feels comfortable in the presence of them.

How can we say if zero dilution products are working well on our hair/skin?

Hair/skin speaks the language of touch & feel. We generally look at the mirror to approve if we are looking beautiful but instead, should we not touch our hair/skin gently and ask if it is feeling comfortable and healthy? Zero dilution products are designed to keep our hair/skin as comfortable and as healthy as possible, which will slowly start looking beautiful in the mirror as well. Give a good 30 to 60 days to any product you choose, and we are sure that you will never want to leave our undiluted products.

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