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Nature, as pure as it can be.

Face Washes

Powder face washes are the most authentic natural cleansers, ever made. If you use them once, you will realise that so far, you only bought stories of nature and not the real nature.

Available in three variants

Neem Powder Face Wash

100% natural powder face wash made from raw neem leaf powder for oily, acne-prone skin.

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Know the Ingredients

70% Neem


This ancient indian herb has gained tremendous love and respect fot its multiple benefits on skin. may be that't why it has been our grandmother's favourite ingredient. bitter neem leaves have comprehensive anti-microbial property due to a substance called nimbidin in it. so upon skin contact, they can clear even the most stubborn acne causing microbes.

5% Bergamot Oil


This cirtus family oil is naturally rich with skin friendly acids to give gentle exfoliation along with energy & vibrancy to the skin. with its aroma, it would drift away not only the acne causing microbes but also your bad mood.

Rose Powder Face Wash

100% natural powder face wash made from raw rose petal powder for younger looking skin.

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Secret of queens is no more a secret. this luxurious, flavoniod rich rose petal powder can help you elevate your mood & rejuvenating the skin with youth glow.

Sandalwood Oil

Known for his healing & spiritual benefits, sandalwood is a premium choice to heal agitated skin, treat acne scars and keep skin comfortable at all times.

Vitamin C Powder Face Wash

100% natural powder face wash made from raw orange powder & food grade Vitamin C for bright, glowing skin.

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Know the Ingredients


A zesty way to keep dullness at bay. vitamins, folic acid and zinc rich orange peel is a great anti oxidant. due to its smooth flour consistency, it helps reomve all dirt and debris from skin without being harsh.

Plant Vitamin C

This food grade powder is the most effective form of vitamin c our skin can consume. knows for its anti oxidation property, it can detox, recharge & regenerate the skin. but the most widely known benefit of vitamin c is its ability to fight hyperpigmentation.

Shop Real Face Wash Combo

Confused, which face wash to try? Try real face wash combo pack that includes all three variants of real face wash range (15 g).

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Why it is better?

How to use Real Face Wash

Purest face washes ever!

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Commonly Asked Questions

How powder face washes are different from ubtans?

Ubtans are also made from raw powders of herbs/fruits/leaves but they do not have additional cleansing ingredients in them. Unlike ubtans, Brillare's powder face washes are blended with newly discovered, coconut derived, 100% natural cleansing base which creates a mild yet effective foam and clear your skin more effectively that urbants.

How powder face washes are better than commonly available liquid face washes?

Commonly available liquid face washes have much less natural ingredients and more of water, preservatives and other chemicals. But powder face washes contain much higher amount of natural nutrition without any chemicals. So, we see natural powder face washes as the future of face washing ritual.

How to use powder face washes?

Take coin size face wash powder on wet palm. Add few drops of water in it and rub between palms to create mild foam. Massage gently over the face. Take additional water if required. Rinse it well.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, since we have used all natural, ultra mild, plant-based cleanser only, all three face washes of real range are suitable for sensitive skin.

How many washes can be done with 15g pack?

15 g face wash pack is sufficient for 30 face washes. If you wash you face twice a day which is also a suggested ritual, 15 gm pack will last for 15 days.

How long can I use real face washes?

Real face washes are 100% nautral and are completely safe to use for daily cleansing

How Brillare ensures safety and longevity of it's products without preservatives?

At Brillare, our newly invented manufacturing process ensures unwanted microbial free products. Yet, in addition to this, we also add natural anti microbial ingredients (not preservatives) which give self preserving power to our products without needing any preservatives. We urge entire cosmetic and personal care industry to adopt this process as it is healthy for us and our mother planet both.

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