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Real Face Washes.

Purest natural face washes ever!

Neem, Vitamin C or Rose...Do you know the truth behind these popular face washes? The answer is Dilution. Majority of the face washes available in the market are made with around 70% water, 25% synthetic chemicals and useless fillers and only few percentage of natural ingredients. So, what is the solution?

Meet 100% Natural, Real face washes from Brillare. Made with pure natural ingredients with zero chemicals, zero added water and zero preservatives.

Available in three variants

Real Neem Face Wash

100% natural, zero chemical face wash made from 75% raw Neem leaf powder for clear, purified skin

Know the Ingredients


Nature's most powerful, purifying herb to fight acne and blemishes.

Bergamot Oil

A citrus, vitamins & minerals rich oil for fresh, energised skin.

Real Rose Face Wash

100% natural, zero chemical face wash made from 70% raw Rose petal powder for well hydrated, younger looking skin

Know the Ingredients


Extremely rich in vitamins A, C, D & E to reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fight early signs of ageing.

Sandalwood Oil

Calms irritated skin & provides soft, supple look.

Real Vitamin C Face Wash

100% natural, zero chemical face wash made from 70% raw Orange powder for glowing, bright looking skin

Know the Ingredients


Rich in vitamin C, gently exfoliates dead skin cells & gives glowing, visibly fresh skin.

Plant Vitamin C

Along with Orange derived Vitamin C, we have added additional 5% plant-based Vitamin C, which remains stable in powder form and give desired results unlike other liquid based face washes.

Shop Real Face Wash Combo

Confused, which face wash to try? Try real face wash combo pack that includes all three variants of real face wash range (15 g).

Genelia's favorite face wash

Brillare’s 100% Natural, Real face washes have just pure natural ingredients with zero added water, zero chemicals and zero preservatives. A new healthier & natural way to face wash!

- Genelia

How is it made?

How to use Real Face Wash

Purest face washes ever!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Are real face washes powder based

Yes, real face washes are powder based and are 100% natural, free from any added water, chemicals and preservatives.

How to use powder face washes?

Take coin size face wash powder on wet palm. Add few drops of water in it and rub between palms to create mild foam. Massage gently over the face. Take additional water if required. Rinse it well.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, since we have used all natural, ultra mild, plant-based cleanser only, all three face washes of real range are suitable for sensitive skin.

For how many washes does the 15g and 45g comes?

15 g face wash pack is sufficient for 30 days face wash and 45 g face wash pack is sufficient for

How long can I use real face washes?

Real face washes are 100% nautral and are completely safe to use for daily cleansing

How we claim that products are free from preservatives?

We add natural protecting ingredients which give self preserivng power to a product without needing any synthetic preservatives from outside.

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