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At Brillare, we believe in speaking the whole truth, upfront and naked. Our #LiveYourTruth campaign empowers you to embrace the truth in every facet of life. We applaud those who defy societal norms by speaking their truth, even when it's challenging and discomforting at sometimes.

We reflect the same spirit in our products. When we say that our products are natural, we also disclose how much natural they are. We use 100% natural ingredients only but in case if we have to use small fraction of synthetic ingredients, we also disclose them all upfront on our packs. With the best-in-class natural ingredients, we ensure you get the long lasting, visible results by unlocking the power of supercharged nature.

Our commitment to you is more than skin deep, it's about fostering a community that values truth, transparency, and providing real natural products that does not only help with your skin and hair needs but also elevate your personal care experience to another level.

Join us on this journey, where your beauty is as genuine as your spirit to embrace the truth.

Because when you live your truth, you glow differently.

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Our truthful range

Oil Shots

100% natural hair oils with high percentage of onion, tea-tree & argan to fight hair fall, dandruff & dry hair.

Face Serums

100% natural face serums boosted with probiotics to fight pigmentation, acne and ageing.

Powder Face Wash

100% natural powder face washes with high percentages of Neem, Vitamin C and Rose for healthier skin.

Hair Oils

100% natural daily hair oils to prevent hair fall, dandruff & dry hair.

Body Range

100% natural body range for oily-acne, prone skin