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100% Natural Hair Oil

Oil Shots

Nice smelling, non sticky hair oils with pretty pictures won't solve hair problems. Oil shots can because they are a rare blend of highly concentrated hair oils.

3 Types of Oil Shots

Onion & Bakuchiol Oil Shots

100% natural hair fortifying oil with onion, bakuchiol & basil for hair fall reduction.

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Know the Ingredients

Onion Oil

Rich with sulphur and flavanoids, this amazing ingredient is here to super charge your hair roots and reduce hair fall.

Coffee Oil

Just like your mood, coffee seed oil can uplift your hair follicle by increasing blood circulation and adds lusture to your hair.


Think of it like accelerator to speed up your hair growth. this ancient secret is no more unknown to the world. it energizes the hair follicles and make them stronger. also reduces the brittleness of hair

Tea Tree & Salicylic Oil Shots for dandruff

100% natural scalp clarifying oil with tea tree, salicylic & neem for dry, itchy scalp, fights dandruff.

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Know the Ingredient

Tea Tree Oil

Nature's most powerful and well known anti-microbial oil to help scalp fight dandruff causing microbes. it also has good anti inflammatory action to relieve scalp from frequent itching & redness.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is well-known beta hydroxy acid (BHA) with effective keratolytic action. in other words, just like hammer, it breaks & then exfoliates danduff from scalp. it also prevents the accumulation of dead skin debris on scalp so it appears cleaner & feels more comfortable.


This granny loved, indian origin plant is here to take you on a trip down the memory lane. But seriously, apart from the nostalgia, it would give your scalp the required anti-microbial effect and keep it super healthy.

Argan & Phytolipid Oil Shots

100% natural hair & scalp nourishing oil with argan, phytolipid & soyabean for dry, frizzy hair.

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Know the Ingredients

Argan Oil

This morocco originated oil is gold standard for reviving dry, damaged, lifeless hair due to its rich fatty acid composition. it also makes hair look smoother and fuller.


Hair loses vital lipids during heat styling or keratin kind of treatments. phospholipds derived from soyabean are precious source of essential hair lipids which relaxes and reverses the hair damage, making them smoother, more manageable.


Protein & lipid rich oil helps in sealing the moisture to hair and prevents breakage.

Clinically Tested,
Deramatologist Approved

Oil Shots are tested clinically for proof-of science, safety and efficacy and is found to be well-accepted, safe and effective products to reduction in hairfall and dandruff in an independent efficacy study.

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How to use?

Why Oil Shots?

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Commonly Asked Questions

How many oil shots does each box contains?

Each box of Oil Shots contains 8 vials (6 ml) each to be applied every alternate night

What is the meaning of seasonal hairfall? I have hairfall all the time and this has caused hair thinning on my scalp. Will this oil shots help?

If your issue is hair fall & hair thinning then Hydroil Kit is best option for us.

Basically, Hair Fall Control Oil Shots is the starting treatment for people who have experienced hair fall recently (less than 3 months) and hair growth is not an issue. But for people who are experiencing severe hair fall for more than 6 months and have low hair growth & thinning, we suggest to go for more advance treatment option and that is Hydroil Kit.

Having said this, there are many customers who respond to Hair Fall Control Oil Shots and need not go for Hydroil Kit. If you want, you can start with Hair Fall Control Oil Shots and you will be able to judge if its working or not in just 15 days. If it works on you, just continue using oil shots and if not, then you go for Hydroil Kit.

In either case, new hair growth cycle is of 120 days so whether it's our product or any other product from the market, if it is able to reduce hair fall and show some signs of baby hair, do make sure to continue the usage for 120 days without fail. To buy Root Deep, click here

Does it help in regrowth of hair?

It should help in hair regrowth since onion & caffeine both have that property but we do not have sufficient clinical data on it. If you want more assured results on hair regrowth, we advise to use “Root Deep Hydroil Kit”.

Is Heavy Moisturising Oil Shots suitable for chemical straight hair?

It can be used on chemically processed hair to repair and make your hair healthy again. One important point to keep in mind is, if you have recently done chemical treatment in less than 15 days, the oils may cause your hair to go back to its original wavy state rather than straight hair which were achieved by styling chemicals. But if it's been more than 30 days after you treated your hair, then it's safe to use oils since the impact of the chemical is about to be over in 30 days and hair might have already started coming back to its original texture and shape.

How long should these oil shots can be used?

Oil shots can be used lifelong because they are 100% natural without any side effects. One box contains 8 oil shots which will last for 15 days but if you see good results, we recommend to replace your traditional champi oil with oil shots and use them twice or at-least once a week.

How long will the result last? My hair are very dry. They have being dry since the time I remember.

Dryness in hair is majorly related to the hair porosity and overall hydration as well as lipid content in hair.
We intent to restore the lipid content with natural oils so hair porosity can be minimised and water loss can be avoided. But its not a short term process. We suggest you to keep on using the oil shots atleast four couple of months if you like the results in 15 days.

Do we need to wash every alternative day after applying oil shot in night ?

Yes, we recommend morning wash post alternate night application of oil shot.

How Brillare ensures safety and longevity of it's products without preservatives?

At Brillare, our newly invented manufacturing process ensures unwanted microbial free products. Yet, in addition to this, we also add natural anti microbial ingredients (not preservatives) which give self preserving power to our products without needing any preservatives. We urge entire cosmetic and personal care industry to adopt this process as it is healthy for us and our mother planet both.

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