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Why face toners are important?

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Why face toners are important?

Our skin consists of water, lipids and protein. Each of this element plays a role to maintain the overall health of the skin.

Water is the most crucial element of our body and is responsible for supporting all skin's essential functions.
While lipids give flexibility, and proteins provide strength to the skin.

Ideal skin moisturisers available in the market consists of glycerin or other plant-based humectants (humectants are the ingredients with attracts and hold water in skin) and lipid and protein restoring oils.

Moisturisers include multiple things, and most of them have a higher viscosity, so they are heavy for the skin. So people may or may not prefer to apply them in all seasons, particularly during summer.

But, if we decide not to apply anything on the skin after a face wash or body wash, our skin will get deprived of the food it needs. The result is dry skin in winter and dehydrated skin in summer. 

Here comes the need for a toner.

Toner is a light, non-comedogenic moisturiser without oils and waxes. Many times, floral waters are used in natural toners, also called hydrosols. Besides keeping the skin hydrated, toners contain ingredients to optimise the pore size and balances skin pH.

In the new skincare regime, skin serums are becoming an essential part of ritual. Toners are ideal before serum and immediately after a wash. If skin feels dry even after toner+serum, a non-comedogenic moisturiser can be used.
So, toners are here to stay. Try to fit them in your regime for a well-hydrated, more lively skin.

Here is a collection of Brillare Face Toners for different skin concerns. Choose the one as per your need and combine them with Power Drops (Booster Skin Serum) for your healthiest skin ever.

Brillare's most loved Face Toners

Skin Lightening Face Toner

Bergamot, Saffron & Sandal with Arbutin in 100% natural face toner for pigmented skin. Skin Lightening Toner is formulated to hydrate pigmented skin. The combination of actives brightens skin tone, evens complexion and is effective in the reduction of dark spots & tanning.

Oil Away Face Toner

Tea Tree, Lemon & Sandal with Zinc in 100% natural face toner for oily, acne-prone skin. Oil Away Toner is formulated to hydrate oily, acne-prone skin. It is enriched with potent botanical actives for all day oil control, shine-free hydration along with potent antimicrobial action.

Age Revival Face Toner

Rose, Neroli & Sandal with Hyaluronic Acid in 100% natural face toner for ageing skin. Age Revival Toner is formulated to hydrate ageing, mature skin. It has combination of actives to tone & tighten the skin; to remove fine lines & lift wrinkles. Effective in reduction of age spots & energising.

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