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How exactly Minoxidil works on Hairfall?

By: :Maulik Gupta 2 comments
How exactly Minoxidil works on Hairfall?

Minoxidil is the most common active found in dermatologist-approved products to treat hair fall and low hair growth. It works by increasing the blood circulation to hair roots through vasodilation (i.e. Increase in the size of capillaries that supply blood).

Though it has shown good results, the overall satisfaction level is low owing to its reversible action. It means that blood supply will reduce as soon the treatment is stopped and the hair fall will start almost immediately after discontinuing the treatment. Also, there are serious side effects like fast/irregular heartbeat, fainting & chest pain observed with Minoxidil.

However, looking at the track record of Minoxidil it would be wrong if we suggest not to try it ever. Our scientists have been working on this concern for about seven years, we probably have a better and effective solution to prevent hair fall relapse after Minoxidil treatment.

Here is a simple regime to reduce the application frequency of Minoxidil after 60 days. Include Root Deep Hydroil or Hair Fall Control Oil Shots having follicle strengthening & hair root nourishing properties.

  • 0-60 Days: Minoxidil (daily)
  • 60-120 Days: Minoxidil (Twice a week) & Root Deep Hydroil/Hair Fall Oil Shots (Twice a week)
  • 120-180 Days: Minoxidil (Once a week) & Root Deep Hydroil/Hair Fall Oil Shots (Twice a week)

The ingredients to look out for are Onion, Caffeine, Bringha, Red Clover, Zinc, Biotin, Peptides, Aminexil, Amino Acids, etc. It will ensure that your hair roots keep getting optimum nutrition even after you stop using Minoxidil and will prevent hair fall from coming back.

Check out our best selling products for Hair Fall

Root Deep Hydroil

Root Deep Hydroil is an overnight massage oil to reduce hairfall & dandruff. It's deep penetrating properties and nourishing actives clears blockage, nourishes roots & impart hair lift. Also proven to treat hair thinning & decreased hair density.

Hair Fall Control Oil Shots

Hair Fall Control Booster Oil Shots is a comprehensive solution for stronger hair & scalp. This natural oil gives you the essential dose of nutrition required to strengthen the scalp and prevent breakage.

* We recommend to use Root Deep Hydroil for chronic hair fall issue (lasting for more than 1 year) and Hair fall Control Oil Shots for seasonal or short term hair fall.

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comments ( 2 )

Oct 01, 2021

I have been experiencing hair fall and loss since 11 years… after the delivery of my son specifically….my hair texture also has changed from silky shiny straight to dry and rough and wavy…. I have tried all sorts of topical treatments namely minoxidils, rollers, oils and so on…
I used to have high levels(671) of DHT hormone… which in kinda control now as I am on finasteride 5 mg given to me by me endocrinologist….
I would say, still the hairfall is more or less the same… and it is my primary concern… ur oil shots got me interested….
However I would want to ask u if they will work for me, and if not, will the money be genuinely refunded….
I am a serious customer who wants to buy the product, expecting a change in my condition with ur claims to be honest…
Lemme know pls…

Mohammed hussain
Mar 09, 2021


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