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How Can A Blow Dry Prevent Frizz?

By: :Maulik Gupta 0 comments
How Can A Blow Dry Prevent Frizz?

We all love our salon-style hair and if a good stylist does it, they will not get frizzy as easily as our normal, home-dried hair does right?

What's the science behind it?

It involves 3 components

  1. Perfect air temperature
  2. Magical fingers
  3. Heat Protection Spray

If the blow-drying is performed at a high temperature, then the cuticle gets damaged, and the hair loses moisture from the sublayers of hair, whereas our need was to evaporate excess water from the surface. So, choose a cold or slightly warm but not hot blow of dryer. Many high-end dryers have an option of temperature control. I just found one made by Dyson, and I think it's perfect for a healthy blow dry.

Using a brush is not a good idea when the hair is wet. Instead, use fingers to give the desired direction to hair. As discuses in my earlier post, this can help hydrogen bond formation in the right shape and the right direction. The brush can be used once the hair is at least 80% dry but not before.

Using fingers has one more benefit. Sometimes, using a brush repetitively creates friction and so extra charge gets accumulated in the hair. This extra charge makes the strands of your hair repel each other, leaving your hair frizzy.

Heat Protection Spray

Heat protection spray is the new, magical step to get a perfect blow-dry that keeps frizz at bay for a longer duration. A good heat protection spray is one that is made with both water and oil both. Water-based cationic conditioners will cover the damaged cuticles and oil will create a moisture barrier in extreme dry/highly humid conditions. If you ensure the use of heat protection sprays in the right dosage at the finishing end of blow dry, it will prevent hair frizz. But more importantly, cuticle damage can be avoided as well.

A temperature-controlled dryer & a heat protection spray made with natural protein or lipid is the perfect remedy for frizz-free, healthy hair.

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