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Can Oils cure Dandruff?

By: :Brillare Science 0 comments
Can Oils cure Dandruff?

The Myth!

If you ever thought that oils could make dandruff worse, you may be partially wrong! People have believed that oils cannot treat dandruff for far too long, but that's not true. This misconception is there because we often confuse plant oils with sebum.

Why are oils good to treat dandruff?

Many plants oils like tea tree, clary sage, rosemary, lemon, neem, eucalyptus have an antimicrobial effect which helps remove dandruff naturally. Contrary to this, the natural sebum produced in our scalp does not have an antimicrobial effect and may aggravate dandruff.

Here is an interesting fact!

If you nourish your scalp with above mentioned antimicrobial oils, not only they will help remove dandruff but will also reduce the sebum production in the scalp. This is the science of "Oil Balancing", and the result is a reduced frequency of dandruff and a healthy scalp.

Why Dandruff Control Oil Shots?

  1. Balances scalp oil/sebum production naturally.
  2. Contains safe, age-old antimicrobials like tea-tree, neem & clary sage in their purest and most powerful form.
  3. No artificial fragrance, colour or preservatives. Just 100% natural, undiluted nutrition.
  4. Provides visible relief from the first application and a healthy, clear scalp in just 15 days!

Switch to Dandruff Control Oil Shots

Dandruff control booster oil shots are a rich caring blend of oils with purifying herbs for your dandruff prone hair & scalp. Designed specially with active ingredients which give purified, residue free and lively hair.

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