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Onion & Bakuchiol Oil Shots and Onion Oil Combo For Hair Fall Reduction

Hair Fall Control
100% natural hair fortifying oil with onion, bakuchiol & basil for hair fall reduction. 100% natural hair fortifying oil with onion, cedar wood & eucalyptus for hair fall reduction

Country of Origin: India

Size: (6ml X 8) and 100 ml

MRP: ₹ 1,490.00
MRP inclusive of all taxes.


Benefit Image
Helps reduce hair fall
Benefit Image
Gives thicker, fuller, denser hair
Benefit Image
Strengthens hair from the roots
Benefit Image
Fortify and energises the scalp


Unplug the vial
Apply dropper on vial
Apply oil on scalp

Hair Ritual

Oil Shots (PM)

Apply 1 vial on scalp every alternate night.

Switch to hair oils after completing oil shots. Gently massage and leave overnight.

Shampoo (AM)

Clean with shampoo next morning.

Conditioner/Mask (AM)

Use mask after shampoo.

    People losing faith in onion. maybe because there is not much onion in so-called onion oil.

    Most onion oils in the market have less than 1% of onion in a cheap oil base. these nice smelling, non-sticky hair oils with pretty pictures won't solve hair fall because there is hardly any nutrition in them required for the starving hair roots. Brillare oil shots is made with 40% onion & clinically potent bakuchiol in coconut oil base is the perfect recipe to revive and strengthen the hair from roots. that's not it. we do have a clinical study, proven to reduce hair fall in 15 days.

Onion & bakuchiol oil shots is a comprehensive solution for stronger hair & scalp. this natural oil gives you the essential dose of nutrition required to strengthen the scalp and prevent breakage.

  1. If your issue is hair fall & hair thinning then Hydroil Kit is best option for us.

    Basically, Hair Fall Control Oil Shots is the starting treatment for people who have experienced hair fall recently (less than 3 months) and hair growth is not an issue. But for people who are experiencing severe hair fall for more than 6 months and have low hair growth & thinning, we suggest to go for more advance treatment option and that is Hydroil Kit.

    Having said this, there are many customers who respond to Hair Fall Control Oil Shots and need not go for Hydroil Kit. If you want, you can start with Hair Fall Control Oil Shots and you will be able to judge if its working or not in just 15 days. If it works on you, just continue using oil shots and if not, then you go for Hydroil Kit.

    In either case, new hair growth cycle is of 120 days so whether it's our product or any other product from the market, if it is able to reduce hair fall and show some signs of baby hair, do make sure to continue the usage for 120 days without fail.

  2. It should help in hair regrowth since onion & caffeine both have that property but we do not have sufficient clinical data on it. If you want more assured results on hair regrowth, we advise to use “Hydroil”.

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer Name: Savan Cosmetics, Ahmedabad

Shelf Life: 36 months

Importer Name: N/A

Importer Details: N/A