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Mini Terabond Shampoo For Smooth, Manageable Hair

Bond Repair

83% natural shampoo with arginine & maleic acid for damaged & treated hair.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 12 ml

Full Ingredient List

Aloe vera juice
Coconut derived cleanser
Sulfate free cleanser
Coconut based humectant
Viscosity builder
Hair strengthening agent
Hair breakage repairing active
Hair moisturising protein complex
Coconut & palm derived antimicrobial
Hair conditioning agent
Hair moisturising agent
Hair conditioning agent
Fermented corn based water softener
83% Natural Ingredients & Nothing else.

Hair Ritual

Hair Oil (PM)

Take sufficient quantity of oil.

Gently massage and leave overnight.

Shampoo (AM)

Clean with shampoo next morning.

Conditioner/Mask (AM)

Use mask after shampoo.

1. Apply it on wet hair

2. Massage gently to form lather

3. Rinse thoroughly

4. Repeat it if necessary

Ever wondered why our hair suffers from damage? heat styling, chemical treatments, poor hair care practices, using wrong products, resulting into weak hair bond , But Can damaged hair truly be repaired?

The answer is Yes so introducing Brillare's terabond shampoo Its a breakthrough formulation designed to repair & strenghten your hair from within by deeply penetrating into the hair shaft, targeting and repairing damage at the core. This innovative shampoo restores elasticity, reduces breakage, and improves overall hair health, leaving you with stronger, more resilient strands that shine all day long that too in a sulphate free formula offering mild yet efficient cleansing action

  1. Our shampoo is much superior than ordinary shampoo and it is designed to give well hydrated, internally nourished hair. But the fact is, there is no permanent solution to dry hair, you need to keep on using the product which suits your hair type.

    Let us explain it more in depth.

    If your hair is originally dry, it means the amount of lipid in hair is less or hair may be more porous than usual along with less natural sebum secretion from glands.

    There can be any reason from these 3 major factors. So we need to try and work on all 3.

    To do that, we suggest using oil shots & conditioner along with shampoo for better results.

  2. No the products are not sulphate free but free from paraben, artificial colour, petrochemicals, mineral oils and any kind of toxins.

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer Name: Arovea Formulations Pvt Ltd.  GC/1847

Old survey No. 417-A, New block no-622, arovea formulations pvt ltd, Khavad, Kadi, Mehsana, Gujarat-382165

Size: 12ml

Mrp: 79/-

Price per gm: 6.58/-

Shelf Life: 36 months

Importer Name: N/A

Importer Details: N/A