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Heavy Moisturising Shampoo, Conditioner & Argan Oil Combo

Heavy Moisturising
Not just to prevent frizz but replenish the core moisture in your hair

Country of Origin: India

MRP: ₹ 1,585.00
MRP inclusive of all taxes.

Key Actives

Shea Butter
Shea Butter
Nutrition rich African oil to moisturise to dry, frizzy hair
Wheat Germ
Wheat Germ
Locks moisture & nourishes depleted proteins on the hair shaft
Avocado Fruit
Avocado Fruit
Retains moisture & provides long-lasting hydration.

Heavy mositurising shampoo, intenso creme & argan oil are formulated to hydrate & reduce frizziness of hair. the combination of active ingredients provides intense hydration to hair shaft & make them more manageable. it also prevents loss of moisture from hair.

  1. Shampoos are not SLS free but conditioners are always sulphate free since they do not contain any foaming ingredient. Having said this, this one hydrates and moisturises hair more than most SLS free options available in the market as on date.

  2. It is not a sulphate free shampoo. Meant for dry, frizzy hair and not to repair damaged hair.

  3. First needs to be resolved is dandruff. So use dandruff control oil shots & dandruff control shampoo for 15 days. This will resolve your dandruff. Then replace dandruff control oil shots with hair fall control oil shots for at-least 30 days keeping dandruff control shampoo as it is.

    Ideally in these 45 days, your dandruff will be gone and hair fall will be reduced visibly.

    Now these oils along with our shampoo & conditioner have nourishing properties so you may get relief from frizz from above suggested regime only.

    To make the entire regime simple,

    Buy one dandruff control treatment combo after 15 days, just buy hair fall control oil shots and continue earlier purchase dandruff control shampoo & conditioner.

  4. We suggest to use our hair fall control oil shots to control your hair fall and you can buy heavy moisturising shampoo & conditioner to take care of dryness.

  5. To be very frank, our shampoo is much superior than ordinary shampoo and it is designed to give well hydrated, internally nourished hair. But the fact is, there is no permanent solution to dry hair, you need to keep on using the product which suits your hair type.

    Let me explain it more in depth. If your hair is originally dry, it means the amount of lipid in hair is less or hair may be more porous than usual along with less natural sebum secretion from glands. There can be any reason from these 3 major factors. So we need to try and work on all 3. 

    To do that, we suggest to use oil shots & conditioner along with shampoo for better results.

  6. We have hair fall control oil shots for treating hair fall. Heavy moisturising oil shots are for treating dry, frizzy hair and not hair fall.

    For boosting the hair growth we have another product called “ Hydroil”.

    What we suggest you to buy is Hair Fall Control Oil Shots & Hydroil together. First use the oil shots for 15 days and then use Hydroil.

  7. There are 8 vials in one box. Each vial is a single application on alternate night basis. So 8 vials will last for 15 days.


    1.Take our the Vial

    2. Replace vial plug with the dropper

    3. Presser dropper to get drop wise application on hair & scalp

    4. Massage gently

    5. Wash in the morning with shampoo

  8. It can be used on chemically processed hair to repair and make your hair healthy again. One important point to keep in mind is, if you have recently done chemical treatment in less than 15 days, the oils may cause your hair to go back to its original wavy state rather than straight hair which was achieved by styling chemicals. But if it's been more than 30 days after you treated your hair, then it's safe to use oils since the impact of the chemical is about to be over in 30 days and hair might have already started coming back to its original texture and shape.

    If you have hair fall problem, we suggest to use hair fall control oil shots instead of heavy moisturising oil shots.

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  9. We believe in constantly looking for an opportunity to replace synthetic, feel enhancing ingredients with more nutritious, natural ingredients so it becomes difficult to constantly keep a track in the ingredients listed on various places. However, for your reference, here is the list of ingredients for this particular product.



  10. Dryness in hair is majorly related to the hair porosity and overall hydration as well as lipid content in hair.

    We intent to restore the lipid content with natural oils so hair porosity can be minimised and water loss can be avoided. But its not a short term process. We suggest you to keep on using the oil shots atleast four couple of months if you like the results in 15 days.

  11. Yes. It is recommended to use the oils shots every alternate day and wash the hair on next day.

  12. No the products are not sulphate free but free from paraben, artificial colour, petrochemicals, mineral oils and any kind of toxins.

  13. If you are applying the oil at night, you should wash the hair next day morning. Alternatively, you can apply the oil shot an hour before shower and wash the hair with shampoo when going for a bath.

  14. 8 Shots to be used every alternate night. So you can consider 15 days supply. In 15 days you will experience if the product is working on your dry hair or not. If its working, you can use it forever or whenever you need. Its 100% natural, super nutritious product without any side effects.

  15. You can use Heavy Moisturising Oil Shots and colour protect shampoo & conditioner (currently out of stock but you can check back in coming week.)

  16. Oil shots can be used lifelong because they are 100% natural without any side effects. One box contains 8 oil shots which will last for 15 days but if you see good results, we recommend to replace your traditional champi oil with oil shots and use then twice or at-least once a week.

  17. There is close to zero probability of this 100% natural blend causing any allergic reaction to your scalp. However, we suggest you to apply few drops on oil on your hand and see if it causes any allergic reaction. If there is no such sign after couple of hours, you can comfortably apply it on you scalp and leave it overnight.

  18. Complete pack of 8 oil shots vials

  19. There is no paraben in any of our products. However, we do have sulphate since this shampoo is designed to keep hair hydrated and sometimes sulphate free shampoos dry out the hair. But we agree that sulphate free shampoos do help in longer colour retention. You can try our colour protect shampoo & conditioner combo which is sulphate free.

  20. If the question is for heavy moisturising shampoo, then its not sulphate free. But its made with natural, responsibly sourced palm oil cleansers.

  21. Yes, it's a 100% natural oil blend for dry, frizzy hair so we definitely suggest this product.

    But to get more volume, we suggest you to use our Root Deep shampoo & Conditioner (Intenso fluid creme)

  22. You can use this product for sure but for better results on coloured, chemical treated hair, we would suggest power repair shampoo & conditioner since they are sulphate free and focused towards repairing the shaft damage.

  23. We suggest to reorder.

    There are various factors like hormones, glends, environmental conditions, medications and overall balance of hair/skin elements have an impact on how our hair/skin behaves. If you discontinue the usage, other factors are going to play their role and so the effect may not sustain for long. Consider it as the 100% natural, zero chemical based hair nutrition and like we eat food for maintaining our body, oil shots are also a food for maintaining our hair.

  24. Yes 8 oil shots to be used one at a time for 8 alternate nights. So the treatment will last for 15 days.

  25. This is not a sulphate free shampoo. However, you can surely use it on you straightened hair. Still, if you need sulphate free shampoo & conditioner, you can buy smooth ease which is in stock as of now.

  26. Yes it is definitely suitable for heavy texture. In fact its better suited for wavy texture. The result will be well nourished, less frizzy, easy to manage hair.

Country of Origin: India

Importer Name: N/A

Importer Details: N/A

Shelf Life: 36 months

Manufacturer Name: 

  • Heavy Moisturising Booster Oil Shots - Savan Cosmetics, Ahmedabad
  • Heavy Moisturising Shampoo - Alania Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  • Argan Oil -   Cletza Lifescience LLP