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If this doesn't reduce your hair fall, nothing can!

Let us understand why we are so confident on our results and how Root Deep can work on 6 common reasons behind hair fall

Why Root Deep?

Root Deep Hydroil Kit

Root Deep Hydroil Shock reduces your hair fall in just 10 days by recharging your roots and clearing follicle blockage.

Root Deep Hydroil is a pre-wash massage oil to reduce hairfall & dandruff. Its deep penetrating properties and nourishing actives clears blockage, nourishes roots & impart hair lift. Also, proven to treat hair thinning & decreased hair density.

Is there a
Clinical Proof?

Based on our research, it was evident that Root Deep was effective on all 6 factors behind hair loss while the currently available products in the market are working on just 1 or 2 concerns. In a dermatologist approved clinical study done on Indian customers, we have a proof that Root Deep is the best solution out there in market to treat hair loss with real natural nutrition and without any side effect.

9/10 people got hair fall reduction starting from 6 day of treatment

7/10 people experienced increased hair density after 100 days of treatment

9/10 people got hair fall reduction starting from 6 day of treatment

7/10 people experience increased hair density after 100 days of treatment

Duration Of Treatment

How to use Hydroil Kit

Key Ingredients

Black Pepper fruits

Reduce oil secretion and prevents dandruff

Indian Kino Bark

helps in scalp anti-ageing

Pea Sprouts

Renews delayed hair growth

Red Clover Flower

helps in reducing dandruff

Rosebay Flower

helps in scalp rebalancing

Vital Plant Extracts

Clears hair follicle blockages


Just wanted to share my new haircare regime with you. I recently used Root Deep hair retention kit from homegrown, vegan, cruelty-free personal care brand Brillare. I have noticed an instant transformation and my hair and scalp felt a lot more good.

Riya Subodh, Supermodel

Optional Products

Root Deep Shampoo

Root Deep Conditioner

Root Deep Shampoo

Root Deep Conditioner

Commonly Asked Questions

Does Root Deep Hydroil kit works for Androgenic Alopecia (Male pattern Baldness)?

When it comes to Androgenic Alopecia, Androgen is the main culprit hormone. While no cosmetic product can work on the systemic level of glands producing these hormones, only a selected few like Hydroil can reduce the influence of this hormones at dermis level. Hydroil can break down an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase which is the main element for DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) to form from Testosterone. As a result, excess oil production causing follicle blockage and shrinkage can be prevented at dermis level.
So yes, Hydroil is designed to work in the case of Androgenic Alopecia. Use it as guided by your therapist. If you follow this regime, it will certainly help you with your hair thinning & hair fall both. May also increase your hair density as well on scalp.

Can we Expect hair growth with root Deep hydroil kit

Regular and religious use of home care products, especially Root Deep Hydroil can trigger the hair regrowth, provided the customer is not suffering from chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance or immunity disorders. With prolonged use of Root Deep Hydroil, first hair growth cycle will get regular and then it will start hair regrowth. However, intensity of hair regrowth varies person to person.

How should I use Root Deep Hydoril kit

You need to start first with Hydroil shock as it will increase micro blood circulation and strengthen the hair roots. Then, you must start using a product called Hydroil. It will prevent hair fall from coming back and also regrow new hair. As you will apply this new product called Hydroil for 20 alternate nights, you will complete 1 cycle of 50 days (10 Days with Hydroil Shock & 40 Days with Hydroil). Quite a few of our customers get satisfactory result in these 50 days only but through a learning from our clinical trial, we recommend to continue the treatment for 100 days by using one more bottle of Hydroil Shock & Hydroil each, which we call as cycle-2. Together, Cycle-1 & Cycle-2 will complete the full course of treatment and your will get the best possible results.

What type of hair related issues does Root Deep Hair Retention therapy solve?

It significantly reduces the hair fall, hair thinning, inflammation, itchy flaky scalp and sensitivity.

How is it suitable for my hair type?

Root Deep Hair Retention therapy is a scalp preparation. Hence, it is to be applied only on the scalp. However, it suits all hair/scalp types.

Are there any side effects while using Root Deep Hair Retention therapy?

Root Deep Hydroil Kit has been formulated with certified natural ingredients and the products are tested by dermatologists to be extremely safe. The treatment can be repeated any time in future if the hair fall reappears

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