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Don't be #naturalfool

Have you ever read the back of the label before purchasing any product? Do you wonder how much Neem is actually in your Neem face wash?

Avoid falling for false promises made by popular brands and never be a #NaturalFool. We are here to help; through our product humanization series on Don't be a #naturalfool, we want to initiate the discussion on reading the product back label.

Here is how you can learn how to truly adopt natural, chemical free products in your personal care routines. Watch the three episodes below to learn the three simple rules of finding real natural products.

Rule 1

Rule 1 of finding real natural product:
Find the key ingredient in label. It should always be in top 3 list of ingredients.

Rule 2

Rule 2 of finding real natural product:
Always check % of the key natural ingredient you are purchasing the product for.

Rule 3

Rule 3 of finding real natural product:
If the product is really natural, "100% natural" should be written in front.