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Power Drops.
The Ultimate
Booster Face Serums!

Power Drops are more powerful than ordinary face serums and are designed to be used with your favourite moisturiser or toner.

Just add 3 drops of Brillare Power Drops to your favourite moisturiser or toner and make your skincare regime 6X more effective!

3 Types of Power Drops

Skin Brightening Power Drops

100% natural face serum with Liquorice, Saffron & Carrot with Rosehip for pigmented skin

Know the Ingredients


Exfoliates dead skin cells and improve

Carrot Seed Oil

Lightens dark spots and reduces pigmentation


Rich in curcumin, reduces dark circles, dark spots & provides anti-inflammatory effect

Oil Away Power Drops

100% natural face serum with Tea tree, Rosemary & Thyme with Hemp for oily, acne-prone skin

Know the Ingredients

Tea Tree

Nature's most potent anti microbial and anti-inflammatory


Refreshing astringent, provides natural antimicrobial property & decongest oily skin

Hemp Seed Oil

Soothes irritated skin

Age Revival Power Drops

100% natural face serum with Bakuchiol, Rose & Oat with Argan for ageing skin

Know the Ingredients


Reduce wrinkle and fights early signs of ageing


Natural alternative to retinol. Restores skin firmness and im

Argan Oil

Strengthen and repair facial muscles

Why Power Drops are special?

Vitamin C, Retinol, Hyaluronic acid and what not! Ever wondered why your skin concerns like acne, dark spots and signs of ageing still keeps coming back?

The answer is Dilution & Chemicals. Most of the face serums available in market contain just few drops of active ingredients and rest is made up with water & synthetic chemicals. 

Such chemical based face serums can show quick results in less time but these results come at a cost. So we cannot use these serums for a long time. 

But Power Drops are different.

Power Drops are designed to give 100% natural nutrition to your skin without any added water, chemicals or preservatives. Power Drops can show visible difference in just 30 days. And the best part, as they are made with all natural nutrition, you can choose to use them forever without any side effect.

So we call Power Drops as the healthier, next generation of face serums. 

How to use Power Drops


Complete Skincare Ritual

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why Is Power Drops More Effective Than Traditional Serums?

Traditional serums are made with 5-10% or at the max 20% of active ingredients, and the rest is water or chemicals. In contrast, Power Drops are made with 100% active ingredients without any dilution, so naturally, they are much more powerful than traditional serums.

Are Power Drops Face Serums?

Yes, Power Drops are new generation booster face serums that are much more powerful than traditional face serums available in the market.

How To Use Power Drops?

Power Drops are formulated to be used with your regular moisturiser or toner. Take sufficient moisturiser or toner in your palm and add 3 Power Drops to it. Mix them well. Rub this mixture gently on face to ensure complete absorption and see your skin concern fade away in 30 days. For best results, use it twice a da| Use twice a day
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

Can Power Drops Be Used Alone?

Yes, you can use them alone, but for additional hydration and better coverage, we suggest using them with toner or moisturiser.

Is There Any Side Effect?

No. Power Drops are a mix of 100% natural, non-comedogenic oils with zero added water, zero chemicals or preservatives, so they can deliver superior results without any side effects.

Will using power drops in summer/humid conditions make skin feel greasy?

No! Have you heard the science of oil balancing? Adding non greasy, non comedogenic & light plant oils from outside reduces skin’s oil (sebum) production. You can use our power drops in all seasons. And, within a week of usage, you will feel that your skin is well nourished without feeling oily/greasy.

One Bottle Of Power Drops Will Last For How Many Days?

Applying 3 drops twice a day will make 15 ml of Power Drops bottle for 30 days.

How Long Can You Continue Using Power Drops?

Forever. Yes, it true. You will get healthier, better skin in 30 days, but keep on using Power Drops as a part of your daily skincare ritual will prevent your acne/ageing or pigmentation concern to come back. Unlike traditional skin serums, as Power Drops are made with 100% natural ingredients only with a clinically proven formula, using them for the rest of your life will have no side effects on your skin whatsoever.

Can men use Power Drops

Yes. All brillare products are unisex, created to suite male & female both.

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