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Hemp infused, 100% natural care to soothe dermatitis, eczema & other skin sensitivities.



Image of Brillare Ultimate Soothing Oil a skin comforting and nourishing oil Image of Brillare Ultimate Soothing Oil a skin comforting and nourishing oil

Ultimate Soothing Oil For Dry, Itchy And Sensitive Skin

Ultimate Soothing

₹ 1,495.00

Key Actives

Calms hot, itchy skin and reduces swelling
Nature's most powerful oil to relieve skin inflammation.
Black Currant
Black Currant
Repairs tissue damage resulting from mosquito bites and reduces atopic eczema.

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Approximately 1 crore people suffer from Dermatitis/Eczema in India every year. Dermatitis or Eczema is specifically a result of dry, itchy & sensitive skin. It can often end up leading to rashes, blisters, and reddened skin.

Ultimate Soothing Oil is an ultra-light, nourishing body oil that replenishes the skin. It is enriched with potent botanical actives for soothing and comforting irritated and distressed skin. Also, it has miraculous results in dermatitis.

A hemp-infused oil designed with active ingredients for dry, sensitive, itchy skin.

Ultimate Soothing Oil is a powerful oil blend to provide instant soothing effect on dry, irritated skin. It repairs the tissue damage and brings back skin natural suppleness and flexibility. It provides immediate skin comfort and can be applied on body,face, scalp or any other part of body with sensitive skin.

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