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Salicylic Acid Liquid Moisturiser for oily, acne prone skin

100% natural probiotics moisturiser with salicylic acid and zinc for acne-prone skin.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 30 ml

Full Ingredient List

Aloe vera juice
Coconut based humectant
Fractionated coconut oil
Olive oil derived moisturiser
Salicylic acid from wintergreen leaf (BHA)
Vegetable amino acid derived skin mineral (zinc PCA)
Probiotics from fermentation of sugar
Olive & castor oil derived emulsifier
Plant based essential oil blend
Coconut & palm derived antimicrobial
Corn derived viscosity builder
Marine salt derived pH balancer
Fermented corn-derived water softener
100% Natural Ingredients.


Benefit Image
Helps clear excessive oil
Benefit Image
Unclog pores and remove dead skin cells
Benefit Image
Improves healthy skin microbiome
Benefit Image
Strengthens skin resilience
Benefit Image
Suitable for oily, acne-prone skin


Unbox the bottle
Take sufficient amount on palm
Gently massage on face & neck

Skin Ritual

Powder Face Wash (AM & PM)

Take 0.5 gms of face wash

Toner (AM & PM)

Use after cleanser.

Serum (AM & PM)

Apply after toner.

Moisturiser (PM)

Apply after serum.

Sunscreen (AM)

Apply after moisturiser.

Aloe leaf juice (aloe barbadensis): 81%

Sugarcane-derived moisturiser (butylene glycol): 7%

Fermented sugar-derived moisturiser (sodium lactate): 3%

Salicylic acid from wintergreen leaf (gaultheria procumbens): 2%

Vegetable amino acid derived skin mineral (zinc PCA): 2%

Probiotics from the fermentation of sugar (lactobacillus ferment lysate): 2%

Fermented sugar cane & cassia oil derived anti-microbial (pentylene glycol & phenylpropanol):  2%

Rice derived ferulic acid (ferulic acid): 0.5%

Corn derived viscosity builder (xanthan gum): 0.3%

Fermented corn-derived water softener (sodium gluconate): 0.2%

    Your skin is asking for help! because you applied salicylic acid only.

    During acne, our skin becomes sensitive and fragile. we need to handle it calmly. while salicylic acid exfoliates acne, probiotics are needed to do the balancing act. just like our gut, our skin also needs the presence of healthy bacteria to keep it healthy, calm, and resilient. these healthy bacteria also fight the attack of bad bacteria and keep skin blemish free. so you made good progress by choosing the salicylic acid serum for your face but it's time to progress further and add probiotics to it. it is cherry on the cake if all other ingredients of the serum are also natural.

Take two pumps of liquid moisturizer onto your palm. apply it evenly to your face and neck after cleansing. For best results, pair it with our salicylic acid serum.

Plant based salicylic acid with probiotics serum formulated for oily, acne prone skin. while probiotics help maintain healthy skin bacteria, salicylic in combination with zinc keeps skin free from unwanted microbes and excess oil.

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer Name:  Zymo Cosmetics, M-GC/1041

Block No, 115, Santej - Vadsar Rd, Santej, Gandhinagar, Gujarat-382721

MRP: 695

Size: 30ml

Price in ml: 23/-

Shelf Life: 36 months

Importer Name: N/A

Importer Details: N/A