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Hair fall Control Combo Money Back Guarantee Scheme

I am a strengthening treatment which reduces seasonal hair fall & hair breakage but to fortify your hair & scalp from inside, I will take you through #SlowNaturalHealing

Key Actives

Soy Protein
Soy Protein
Control hair breakage
Vital Plants
Vital Plants
Reduces hair fall by recharging hair roots.
Coffee Seed
Caffeine containing stimulant oil helps in increasing blood circulation & reducing hair fall.
Onion seed
Sulfur containing natural oil to recharge hair roots and prevent hair fall.

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An ideal regime for Dandruff and Hair fall

Hair fall is a normal biological process. In fact, you all witness few hair strands either on during the shower, on hairbrush, ...

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Hair fall control treatment is formulated not just to prevent breakage but to strengthen your hair roots and scalp. It is enriched with clinically proven, natural ingredients that make it stand apart. It will strengthen the hair roots, prevent breakage, and result in a youthful scalp for better hair holding.

Hair fall control booster oil shots are proven solutions to deliver results from first use. These hair fall control oil shots are a rich caring blend of onion, basil, and coffee oils with purifying herbs for your effective hair fall control. Designed specially with active ingredients for an itchy, flaky scalp.

Designed specially with active ingredients for weak, undernourished hair.

Hair fall Control Trio of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil Shots are specifically designed to help you fight hair fall in just 15 days. It is an effective trio to reduces hair fall & hair breakage but to fortify your hair roots.

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