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Dandruff Control Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Shots Combo

Dandruff Control
Not just to clear dandruff but heal, purify and soothe your scalp.

Country of Origin: India

MRP: ₹ 1,785.00
MRP inclusive of all taxes.

Key Actives

Tea Tree
Tea Tree
Nature’s most potent anti microbial to clear the bad microbes in our scalp
Black Pepper Fruit
Black Pepper Fruit
Reduce oil secretion & prevents dandruff
Wintergreen Fruit
Wintergreen Fruit
An instant removal of dandruff residues from hair.
Celery Seed
Celery Seed
A precious oil to control the excessive oil secretion in our scalp.
Neem seed
India’s most renowned, heritage oil to purify & soothe our scalp
Clary Sag
Earthy, flowery smelling oil to reduce stress and clear unwanted flakes from scalp

Dandruff Control Shampoo, Intenso Creme & Oil Shots are formulated to treat dandruff prone scalp & hair. It is enriched with active trio of ingredients that makes it stand apart. It results in Itch free, clear & healthy scalp with lively hair.

  1. 1. Take out one vial containing 6 ml of oil and use the entire vial at once using the dropper with gentle massage focusing on the scalp.

    2. Wash out the oil in the morning with a shampoo followed by a conditioner.

    3. Repeat this process every alternate day for 15 days.

    4. 8 Oil Shots will get consumed in 15 days and you can expect a healthy, clear, itch & flake free scalp from this treatment.

    5. If the dandruff is manageable without oil shots, you can keep your scalp dandruff free by using just dandruff control shampoo & conditioner. But if the dandruff comes again and if it's severe, you can buy and use oil shots any time and as much as you feel is needed without any side effects.

  2. Yes definitely.

    To treat Seborrheic Dermatitis, we need to control oil production as well as reduce inflammation. Dandruff Control Oil Shots are great at curing both.

Country of Origin: India

Importer Name: N/A

Importer Details: N/A

Shelf Life: 36 months

Manufacturer Name: 

  • Dandruff Control Booster Oil Shots - Savan Cosmetics, Ahmedabad
  • Dandruff Control Shampoo - Alania Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dandruff Control Conditioner - Alania Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.