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How to find the right sunscreen?

By: :Jigar Patel 0 comments
How to find the right sunscreen?

The summer season calls for weekend getaways, fun beach trips, and chilling with family and friends. Summers are always meant for happy days, relaxing in fresh air and sunbaths. As the temperature of the weather increases - the texture of the skin decreases, leading to skin burn and tanning faces. I mean, who would want to come back all tanned and sweaty? Sunscreens are our BFFs, not just in summers but all year round!


There are so many sunscreens available in the market but finding a suitable sunscreen is not as easy as it seems to be. We need to look at sunscreen as per our skin type, sun protection factor, resistance-based, ingredients-based, and whatnot. It is a tricky step, but here at Brillare, we could help you solve all your needs in sunscreen in one go, but Heyy, Naturally!! Couldn't believe it?


Here's a list of points one should look for while buying a Sunscreen which could provide all your requirements. Let's check out what a person should look for in a sunscreen. Oops, in a Natural Sunscreen!

Factors to look for in a Sunscreen


  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) level:The level indicates in terms of numbers showcases how long it takes to cause sunburn on the skin. The level of SPF means how well the skin is safe against the sun rays affecting the layer of the skin. Higher the SPF, Lower the sunburns – the formula for every sunscreen! The amount of SPF varies from sunscreen to sunscreen. It is available from SPF30 to SPF50, but the best to use is Sunscreen SPF 50. 
  • Consistency: It is one of the primary factors to look for when it comes to Sunscreens, as wearing sunscreen on a bright, sunny day is essential, but with a heavy and greasy look? No, right? Sunscreen should be lightweight, absorbable, and easy to apply. Let's try out the consistency of sunscreen by using it over a make-up look. Do you think your sunscreen is consistent?
  • Resistance: Using sunscreen every day is needed while going to work, working out, or lying in bed. A good, absorbable sunscreen would be water-resistant and sweat-proof, just like sunscreens' with SPF 50 are always water-proof. Now would you think to wear sunscreen before hitting the gym or going to swim?
  • Fragrance: An effective sunscreen with a specific level of SPF is the best choice as it would always be fragranceless. Perfumes and fragrances cause allergies, irritation, and reaction to the skin and disturb its texture. Also, the effectiveness of the sunscreen is disturbed by adding scents.
  • Ingredients: Chemical sunscreens causes irritation and affect the skin in depth. The sunscreen could consist of various materials which cause them to be light-weighted. Natural sunscreens are safe to use and work as a shield between the skin and UV rays. It could also help hyperpigmentation on your face and doesn't leave a white cast.

These are the basic rules to look into for sunscreen. So, check before buying sunscreen to protect your skin chemically or naturally! Shop now to protect and heal naturally with our sunscreen SPF 50, Brillare's 100% Natural and safe sunscreen to provide you nourishment and protection on your skin with an ultra-matte look.
Don't miss your chance to #HealNaturally!

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