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Science behind summer skincare for pigmented skin

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Science behind summer skincare for pigmented skin

Hello Summer Season!

It's that time of year when the harsh sun, soaring temperatures can take a toll on your skin. The biological function of the skin is impacted during summer as it tries to produce more sweat to lower the body temperature.

Our scientists at Brillare have created a science-backed unique three-step skincare ritual i.e. Clean, Hydrate and Treat to help you take care of pigmentation and get a healthy, naturally glowing skin from inside out in just 30 days.

Science backed skincare for pigmented skin

Step 1: Clean with Skin Lightening Face Wash

Cleaning is the foremost step of a healthy skin care ritual. It helps remove the accumulation of dead skin cells, impurities caused by exposure to UV rays, pollutants, dust and sweat.

Skin Lightening Face Wash is an exfoliating face cleanser. Formulated with conscious efforts & actives that lightens skin tone & removes dark spots. Effective for deep cleansing that gives, fresh, radiant bright face.

Step 2: Hydrate with Skin Lightening Face Toner

Water or hydration is an essential step after cleansing. An optimum water quantity ensures that a proper fluid balance is maintained in skin cells.

Skin Lightening Toner is formulated to hydrate pigmented skin. The combination of actives brightens skin tone, evens complexion and is effective in the reduction of dark spots & tanning.

Step 3: Treat with Skin Lightening Power Drops

At the last step, it is crucial to lock hydration received from Face Toner. Face Serum plays a vital role by creating a strong barrier to lock moisture and protects skin from dust and pollution.

Our 100% Natural Power Drops range creates a protective barrier, balances skin oil production and improves skin health from inside out.

If you nourish your skin with Power Drops made with natural oils like Rosehip Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Saffron, Turmeric etc. not only will it help to take care of your skin concerns but will also reduce natural sebum production in skin. This is the science of "Oil Balancing" for pigmented skin.

Clean, Hydrate & Treat with Skin Lightening Summer Kit

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