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Lipids are the unsung heroes of the hair

By: :Khushali Shah 0 comments
Lipids are the unsung heroes of the hair

Imagine the confidence level when your hair are styled to the T and the constant temptation to move the fingers to appreciate your shining strands. When your hair are soft, smooth and gives a flowery touch, you feel the spotlight moving wherever you go!

There is a list of components hair has to check, if they are appropriately placed and balanced to deliver the feel of velvety mane. Our hair is made up of multiple layers, chemical bonds and protein. One more component, consistently underestimated and missed, is hair lipids.

What are lipids?

Lipids are organic compounds found in the body, composed of oils, fats, fatty acids and a few steroids. They are one of the indispensable molecules when it comes to human health. When wondering about where the energy is derived from, well, the lipids are responsible for that. Most lipids do not find water attractive and are hydrophobic. Moreover, cells and lipids are inextricable, so if separated, our cells do not stay in the mood to continue their journey of survival.

Lipids comprise 2-6% of overall hair weight and hold a significant role in hair health. Let’s dive into knowing more:

Sustain the permeability barrier: Lipid loss is like the broken ceiling for the hair! Lipids are spread all over the hair thread to seal the hair and laminate it from external damage. Lipids combine with water to form a Hydro-lipid barrier. This barrier consists of essential fatty acids, ceramides, triglycerides and water. This layer helps to lock the moisture, preventing the inner moisture evaporation. It also immune the cuticles from splitting open and aids in avoiding friction with other hair strands. Internal lipids help seal and act as a glue for several layers of cuticle and lubricate them. If the coating is depleted, the cuticle is injured a lot. The anger of this occurrence is shown by hair as split-ends, loss of shine and elasticity and hair breakage.

Maintains the hair structure: New hair cells are born in the hair follicle. Lipids help in forming the cell membrane. Many cellular components are essential in cell development and aid in the unperturbed functioning of intercellular activities. Hence, it is evinced that lipids do encourage hair growth. The impressive attribute of lipids does not end here! A building cannot be structured without bricks and cement. For hair, keratin mimics the role of bricks and lipids as cement. With anyone missing, the configuration is disturbed.

Works as a messenger: The versatile competent also play the role of messenger for few functions of the cells to get into action. Since the molecule is insoluble in water, they are excellent for carrying the cell’s signals to another. They bind to specific proteins to carry out the designated tasks.


With such myriad responsibilities, it is paramount to maintain the molecule. A few modifications can ensure it.

Only cleansing the necessary! - Shampoos with strong sulphates and high pH removes more than just dirt and dust, leading to lipid loss from the hair surface. The unnecessary removal of essential oils from the scalp leads to the depletion of the protective layer, eventually resulting in hair dryness. A gentle and moisturising shampoo is always a better choice, as it will not strip of necessary oils and help retain the lipid loss. Brillare’s heavy moisturising shampoo is mild and stuffed with avocado, wheat and sugarcane to provide efficient cleansing without disturbing the natural moisturising compounds.

Conditioning the fibre - Conditioners and masks are vital to replenish the lost lipids from the hair’s outer surface. Often underestimated, they do not compromise in delivering all the goodness. They seal the cuticles and aids in keeping the cement in place. Avoiding this step is an invitation for frizziness and leads to hair fragility. Brillare’s Heavy moisturising mask is enriched with lipid-rich actives such as avocado, wheat and canola. These actives will ensure hair hydration, manageability, shine and softness.

A little extra joy - Like us, hair too, loves a little extra nourishment. Oiling has been a holistic step in our hair care routine. Undoubtedly, a little massage is always relaxing. If added with the right ingredients, oiling has a plethora of benefits. Oils are best to nurture the hair and scalp lipids. Brillare’s heavy moisturising oil shots not only ticks all the merits of oiling but adds to the list. With potent ingredients like Argan, Shea and Soybean, hair experiences instant hydration and shine.

Adding the ‘hair food’ to the diet - Including good fatty acids will help the body fill up the depleted lipids. Omega 3, 6 and 9 are good fatty acids that have enormous benefits for our hair. Our hair loves these fatty acids, but unfortunately, our body cannot produce omega 3 and 6. Hence, they are the essential fatty acids, and the food consumed is the only source for the body to procure them. Incorporate food items like chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, olive oil, soybean oil, cashew nuts and avocado oil to fulfil the gap. Also, these fatty acids will not make you fat but definitely make your hair thicker!

Until now, I am sure you might have understood that lipids are unquestionably unsung heroes who do wondrous work for our hair but still holds little recognition.

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