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Say no to wrinkles!

By: :Khushali Shah 0 comments
Say no to wrinkles!

The laugh lines on your face shows that you have lived your life with joy! But, fine lines are the unacceptable truth of ageing, which people tends to hide or get rid of. Ageing is an irreversible process. It is an inevitable situation, and there is no ‘no’ for it! But the question here is, ‘If something cannot be stopped, can it be delayed?’ The answer is yes! It is never too late to age gracefully.

The skin has prominent fibres to support it and keep it firm. These are protein fibres formed in the middle layer of skin known as elastin and collagen fibres. These fibres lose their ability to keep the skin intact as we age. The skin even tends to stand on the poor rating when it comes to holding moisture. Along with a slow cell renewal cycle, dryness and roughness are evident. It seems the skin is on a diet as it becomes thinner, and wrinkles start to appear on its natural fold.

When the whole phenomenon unfolds in the skin, external factors join hands with the ageing devil, making it difficult for the skin to control it. Sun works like an enemy here. Ultraviolet radiation aids to the worst by damaging cells and fibres, making skin lose its flexibility and boosts the process of wrinkles formation. Free radicals are another BFF of ageing. Pollution encourages the formation of free radicals, damaging the healthy cells and leading to the development of fine lines and pigmentation.


Instead of imagining younger-looking skin, working on letting it stay longer with you, goes ahead! All you have to do is remain loyal to the underneath steps and experience your hold on skin firmness.

Shelter your skin: UVA and UVB rays are the arrows that pierce the skin and damages the skin cells. Using sunscreen with higher SPF works as armour for the skin. One of the vital things to keep in mind while purchasing sunscreen is to check for PA+++ in sunscreen, which represents sunscreen protection against ageing rays. Brillare offers sunscreen in two options. One for the category of people who prefer natural ingredients, the natural mineral sunscreen SPF 50 (perfect for sensitive skin!), and the other for people who are more exposed to digital gadgets, the multi-protection sunscreen SPF 40 with blue light protection.

Cover-up: Always prefer to wear sunglasses with UV protection. The skin around the eyes is super thin and always vulnerable to fine lines. Squinting the eyes more due to the sunrays can invite wrinkles as the first guest. Pollution is another stressful factor for the skin. Using fashionable hats or scarfs can not only add to your glamorous look but will also help the skin to stay youthful.

Salient feature - Hydrate: Hydration is the prime most thing to take care of if you want to keep your skin young for the long term. Fill it up with hydration to the brim. Use intensely hydrating ingredients over the skin and gulp in more than 3 litres of water daily to satiate the skin of its thirst and work youthfully ever. Our ‘Age Revival Power Drops’ do its job very sincerely in this case! It is just filled with the right hydrates like rose, argan oil and bakuchiol. Hydrating the skin with power drops will maintain the natural moisturising factor(NMF) and provide an anti-ageing effect.

Momentary fun, long term defect: While smoking and alcohol consumption is fun for some time, it’s the biggest punishment for the skin! Smoking causes significant depletion in the formation of new collagen, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Alcohol is no less, as it creates dehydration another havoc for the skin. Avoid drinking alcohol or lessen the consumption to endow the skin in preserving hydration.

Don’t be harsh: Not only with your demeanour but your skin too! Gentle cleansing is all skin requires. Use a mild or a sulphate free cleanser, not to strip necessary oils from the skin. Consider using our Age Revival Face Wash with rose, lotus and orange extracts or Real Rose Face wash with 70% absolute rose extract and sulphate-free formula to experience mild cleansing without disturbing the NMF of the skin.

Sugar cravings, a big no: High sugar diet affects the protein fibres, i.e. elastin and collagen, and breaks them, causing the skin to loosen its strength. So, if you have a sweet tooth or love those aerated drinks, swap them with something healthy or best; just avoid!

Feed the skin with antioxidants: External elements, unhealthy food, and certain habits damage the skin’s healthy cells and encourage the growth of free radicals. Free radical triggers oxidation in the body leading to premature ageing. Using products with high antioxidants will benefit the skin in sustaining firmness and providing a radiant glow. Add a few drops of Age Revival Power drops with Age Revival Skin Toner and profit the skin with antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Correct nutrients, wrongs ageing: Devouring on a nutrition-rich diet with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals content and the good fatty acids works as god for the skin. Foods enriched in vitamins A, C, E and K, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous accompanied with omega 3 fatty acids aids in reversing the ageing process of the skin, letting it stay younger even though you age.

Like time ageing is an unconquerable happening, which is unlikely to be reversed, but what attracts here is that the skin can preserve its firmness for the more extended run, even though we age if apt support is granted. 

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