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Skin Lightening Face Wash For Reducing Pigmentation
Skin Lightening

I am an exfoliating cleanser which removes unwanted tanning but to reduce pigmentation, I will take you through #SlowNaturalHealing.

Size: 100 ml
Regime: Cleansing
Concern: Pigmentation
Skin Type: Normal
How It Works
Skin Lightening face wash is an exfoliating face cleanser. Formulated with conscious efforts & actives that lightens skin tone & removes dark spots. Effective for deep cleansing that gives, fresh, radiant bright face.

How To Use
Apply it on wet face with hand and massage gently to produce foam. Rinse it well.
  • ✓ Deep cleansing
  • ✓ Removes unwanted tanning
  • ✓ Removes dead skin
  • ✓ Controls Melanin
  • ✓ Gives fresh & radiant face
  • ✓ Natural nutrition, No side effect
  • ✓ Free from harmful chemicals
  • ✓ 100% vegan
Key Actives

Lime Cavier Fruit

Papaya Fruit

Skin Lightening Moisturiser For Reducing Pigmentation

Skin Lightening

Size: 50 g