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Dandruff Control Shampoo For Itchy, Flaky Scalp (150ml)

I am a purifying shampoo which clears your dandruff but to make your scalp healthy & comfortable, I will take you through

Country of Origin: India

Size: 150 ml

MRP: ₹ 250.00 ₹ 149.00
MRP inclusive of all taxes.

Key Actives

Black Pepper Fruit
Black Pepper Fruit
Reduce oil secretion & prevents dandruff.
Wintergreen Fruit
Wintergreen Fruit
An instant removal of dandruff residues from hair.

Dandruff control shampoo is formulated to treat dandruff prone scalp & hair. it is enriched with active trio of ingredients that makes it stand apart. it results in Itch free, clear & healthy scalp with lively hair.

  1. Yes dandruff control shampoo should be giving good results on your scalp. It will control the itching and flakiness of the scalp to give you a comfortable feeling.

  2. It is suitable for all hair types. We have used the safest and newest actives to remove dandruff which make this product safer yet more effective. The biggest plus point is that this shampoo does not dry out the hair. You can give it a try & if you feel a little dryness, you can apply our oil shot 1 hour before wash & then wash your hair followed by our intenso creme (conditioner).