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meets Science

Our Philosophy

At Brillare it is one of our founding philosophy that nature holds all the secret to answer all our personal care needs. Our scientists are always strive in search of pure, powerful and potent plant based ingredients to heal all your concerns. We believe in creating thoroughly researched and science backed formulations that can deliver on all concern. We are the scientists, on a mission to restore & preserve your #OriginalBeauty with nature.

Our Legacy

The dream of Brillare began with a passion for creating an Indian brand that can create world-class formulations that deliver. 11 years back, on 20th December 2009, a young pharmacist Mr. Jigar Patel decided to embark on a journey to create 100% vegan and cruelty-free products. He was on a mission to create personal care products that are more honest, effective & responsible in a way they are formulated & communicated.

Loved by Customers

Our customer are our real beauty ambassadors. Nothing makes our scientists happier than a genuine, positive review from our customers because it validates the fact that our products are delivering the promises and meeting your expectations.

More than 90% of our customers rate our personal care products 4 stars and above.

100% Vegan Ingredients

Every Brillare product is made from 100% Vegan ingredients. We stand for cruelty-free personal care products which deliver on their promise without harming innocent animals. Beyond natural, all our products are also certified by PETA.


CEO/Formulation Scientist

Jigar Patel


Jerry Williams


Sunny Brown


Sam Brown