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If this doesn't reduce your hair fall,

nothing can.



Root Deep Hydroil Hair Retention Kit

Root Deep

₹ 4,800.00

Root Deep Hydroil Shock

Root Deep

₹ 1,900.00

Root Deep Hydroil

Root Deep

₹ 2,900.00

Root Deep Shampoo For Preventing Hair Loss

Root Deep

₹ 2,300.00

Root Deep Conditioner For Preventing Hair Loss

Root Deep

₹ 2,300.00

Root Deep Anti Frizz Oil

Root deep

₹ 900.00

Key Actives

Macadamia Seed Oil
Gives shiny, youthful hair
Vital Plant Extracts
Clears blockage
Black Pepper Fruit Extract
Reduces dandruff & soothes inflamed scalp
Organic Pea Sprout Extract
Renews delayed hair growth
Indian Kino Bark Extract
Scalp anti-ageing

Science behind hair fall

clinical proof

In a dermatologist approved clinical study done on indian customers, we have a proof that Root Deep is the best solution out there in market to treat hair loss with real natural nutrition and without any side effect.

9/10 people got hair fall reduction startinf from 6 day of treatment

7/10 people experienced increased hair density after 100 days of treatment

# Data derived from Clinical trial performed under supervision of leading
dermatologists with the help of folliscope.

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Within a short span of 6 months, Root Deep has emerged as one of India's leading Hair Loss treatment gaining the trust of more than 20,000 customers. Each product in our Root Deep range is scientifically designed to target a specific factor responsible for severe hair loss.

Root Deep Hydroil Shock is a patented solution with powerful root recharging & follicle blockage clearing actives to reduce your hair fall in just 10 days and Root Deep Hydroil is a patented solution for preventing hair fall and regrow new hair. It is a patented solution to fight your hair fall, hair thinning, decreased hair density & clinically proven to increase hair density on 8/10 people in 40 days. For the best results, it is recommended to use both of them consecutively. First, Root Deep Hydroil Shock for a swift hair fall reduction in a short period of 10 days and later Hydroil to improve your hair density in 40 days and prevent hair fall from coming back.

Designed specially with active ingredients to fight hair loss and regrowth of new hair.

Root Deep treatment works best with Root Deep Shampoo and Conditioner. Root Deep is India's most advanced patented hair loss solution develop with the most powerful botanical actives to effectively reduce your severe hair loss.

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