by Dr. Nilay
Posted on Sep 4, 2017 1:35:42 PM

Have you ever been in a condition when you don’t have time for cleansing face or removing dirt and other impurities quickly and you need to attend a meeting next moment?

This feels terrible and squeezy.

Brillare science developed miracle product for such instances – Balancing Essential Micellar water mist. Biphasic cleanser, Micellar water is known and used for its amazing makeup-removing and cleansing abilities. With its exception quality of dissolving dirt, grime and oil with ease, micellar water can easily find space in your daily routine.  This product is in a mist form so it would ease the application and wiping off. This product is loaded with actives like Ectoin and ATP insfused papaya and algae extracts. Ectoin protect the skin cells from the extreme environmental factors, while ATP insfused papaya and algae extracts provide deeper hydration, nourishment and instant energy to skin cells to keep fatigue at bay and kick start the next activity of life.

I highly recommend this product as a must have product for all hectic schedulers, professionals and makeup lovers. Lets not forget that the product is bearing Nature score, which means it is made up with the closest proximity to nature and safer ingredients for skin.