by Kemi
Posted on May 30, 2017 2:48:36 PM

Hair fall is a major concern these days to all of us, in females as well as in males , and there are so many different hair fall products available in the market but very rarely any product works to stop hair fall effectively.

Here, we will talk about the effective solution and how it can cure all your hair fall concerns with a single product in just 10 days..!!

Shocked Right!!!

Even I was shocked when I used this product and it literally stop my hair fall in just 10 days… can you imagine to stop your hair fall in just 10 days???

Few days back when I got to know about this product which claims to stop your hair fall in just 10 days, I was also not convinced but then I thought to give it a try and booom!! It worked… like seriously it worked so effectively that my hair fall reduced within a week!

Let’s know more about this hero product.

Root Deep Absolute Advanced Hydroil Shock

‘Hydroil Shock ‘A miraculous patented scalp oil which constitutes 82 % of natural ingredients and works wonders to stop your hair fall within 10 days!!!

Hydroil shock along with controlling hair fall also targets other scalp concerns like dandruff reduction, anti-scalp ageing, cell rejuvenation, Root energising & Blockage Clearing. Isn’t that tempting and irresistible.

 If this product cannot stop your hair fall no other cosmetic can.

Product Description:

It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for easy application.

This transparent solution blended with potently efficacious actives that provides all that a weak and undernourished root requires. 

Result is noticeable hair fall reduction, healthy scalp & unblocked follicles in just 10 days.

It penetrates directly into hair roots thereby promoting the growth of new and healthy cells,

Reducing the sebum level, nourishing and anchoring the hair follicles and root for promoting a healthy and balanced environment for hair.

Purpose: Root Recharge

Frequency: 10 consecutive nights

Application: Apply 5 droppers full of Hydroil shock on targeted scalp area and massage gently for 5 minutes to assist the penetration up to hair roots. Leave it overnight.

While application it will give you some warming sensation which indicates that the treatment is working.

Hydroil shock is suitable for all hair types because it is made with certified natural ingredients which makes it more effective and safe.


Okay so long story short,

You just need to apply this on your scalp area for 10 days and wash it off in next morning. It start working from the first application. After applying, it will give you some warm sensation which indicates that the treatment is working, the best part about this product is it’s made with natural yet effective actives and suitable for all hair and scalp types. You will see noticeable change in your scalp and hair fall within first application itself.


So what are you waiting for, spare your 10 days for healthy hair and root purpose, start using this Shocking treatment to stop your hair fall within 10 days and flaunt your gorgeous hair.