by Khushali
Posted on May 30, 2017 2:01:39 PM

Hey Guys..!!

Today I am super excited to share my whole journey from hypersensitive, irritated and “Oh! I cannot use anything on my skin” types to calm, radiant and clear skin.

So let me start with explaining my skin type and concerns which I used to face.

My skin was hypersensitive, reactive and oily even. It was so difficult for me to take care of my skin as it was sensitive and oily at the same time! Every morning when I use to wake and look at my skin in the mirror, I was always in a dilemma whether to use something which is going to reduce my oiliness or something to control my sensitivity. Those red patches were like an alarm to every product I picked up saying “No please, not again” as nothing used to work from most costliest product to home remedies even!!

One day my friend asked me to accompany her to a salon as she wanted a Haircut. When she was getting her service done I was trolling around when I came across a display stand placed at their premises. I was just going through all the products when I came across a range named “Glacier”.

The name somehow attracted me to know more so I went to reception counter to collect more information about it and I came to know that this range is specifically for sensitive and oily skin. After knowing that the range is completely Color free, Fragrance free, Paraben and Formaldehyde free and above all these its  ‘Natural’, I just thought of giving it a try…

Before trying I searched the brand website about this range. I also searched for the ingredients it contained, wherein I got to know some below facts:

  • Glacier by Brillare is a range with 0% allergens and its 100% non – comedogenic (something which I always wanted!!)
  • Glacier is an ice-berg found on mountains or sea. I am sure everyone might have seen one such glacier in most famous movie “Titanic”. So, this name indicates that it’s very challenging for sensitive skin to remain as calm as glacier.
  • It has two very unique and interesting ingredients known as Virgin Swiss glacier water and Cactus water. Now that surely tempts your mind to know more, Right??

So here I am also elaborating the properties of these ingredients:

Virgin Swiss Glacier water is pure and untouched water flowing from the glaciers in Switzerland over years. It is water encapsulated in oil enriched with minerals and has 24hrs moisturising properties!

Cactus water quickly subsides or control any kind of irritation or inflammation.

This range has 3 Products as below:

Glacier face wash:

It is sulphate free cleanser and come in a bottle packing. My day starts with this cleanser and even ends with this. It’s very mild and does not give that ‘after cleansing dryness’ effect which is normal with other cleansers. After using this face wash your skin feels clean yet nourished. I could absolutely sense the difference in 5 days of uninterrupted usage!

Glacier Ultra mild Scrub:

This scrub will remove all your dead skin without making you feel the exfoliation. Isn’t it great!! The scrubbing particles are 100 micron size, just so small. Normally the scrubbing particles are either made up of apricot, walnut, plastic etc. The scrubbing particles in this scrub are made up of cellulose. We get this cellulose from high sugar containing plants. After using this scrub my skin was just WOW..!! No red patches and not even a bit of irritation. This scrub works miracle for sensitive skin.

Glacier Skin comforting Gel – Crème:

The moisturiser is in gel-crème base. Means not so creamy and not complete gel. This can be used for all skin type actually due to gel-crème formulation. You won’t believe that your skin remains moisturised whole day! I don’t require to apply anything till I wash my skin again. In spite of all this amazing characteristics it also controls my sensitivity.

Guys for all those with sensitive skin out there, believe me glacier is just prodigiously gifted for you!!