by Vaishali
Posted on May 30, 2017 2:47:01 PM

Life can get unbelievably busy sometimes. Okay, all the time.

Who doesn’t want flawless, energised and glowing skin? We’re pretty sure no one here would object to all three of those wishes being granted.

As a working professional or a busy homemaker we don’t get enough time to pamper our skin. Dull and tired skin is the biggest concern these days among all the ladies and we all know ample number of reasons are there. It can be caused by unpredictable weather, pollution, dirt or lack of care etc.

Here, we are pleased to give you one solution for all your concerns and especially for tired looking skin.

Activate series is the most advanced innovation for natural skin plumping and instant tightening. A complete range specially made for mature and stressed skin beauties, using this products will instantly energise and recharge the skin.


Focuses on the concerns like Wrinkles, fine lines, tired skin, ageing and loose skin.


This range includes:

Activate face wash with mineral recharge

Chocolate Scrub with walnut shell powder

Skin Recharge crème for instant energy & Lift


Unique Combination of powerful phyto-mineral actives works best for mature skin and gives you firm and younger looking skin .It efficiently combats the signs of ageing and dullness of the skin.  Thus, it revitalise and gives you a softer, clearer and youthful skin. They will help you in clearing up the skin while making it softer and radiant. 





Warming and energising cleanser that enhances blood circulation and leaves a clear, soft and youthful skin.

A mineral recharge activate face wash an instant energy kick for your dull and stressed skin.

Activating minerals with skin warmer increase blood circulation & reinforce depleted skin minerals.

This facewash comes in a tube packaging. It has very pleasant and refreshing fragrance and it works best when we want to rejuvenate our skin from the tedious effect of a hectic day or our skin require some instant energy. While using this face wash it feels so mild on skin and it gives you some warming sensation that clears away all the dirt and oil in just one wash. Its fragrance enhances your mood and awakes your tired looking skin.


Key Ingredients: Oligo – mineral complex and vanillyl Butyl Ether


Activate Chocolate Scrub:

This chocolate scrub looks and smells like chocolate itself. You just need to take small amount of the scrub in your hands and apply it in circular motion to exfoliate the skin.

Its deep cleansing exfoliating partials are not very harsh on the skin, makes the skin clear without break outs.

This chocolate scrub comforts and recharge your skin and mood as well after a long hectic day in office or at home.

This scrub will help in exfoliating the dirt and dead skin, giving your skin some extra nourishment. Apart from this it also gives an instant glow to the skin.

Walnut shell particles derived complex exfoliation with the comfort of cocoa for skin energy enhancement and healthy, better breathable skin.

Scrubbing with walnut particles, cocoa, powder and activating minerals enhances skin energy level and promotes better skin health through mild exfoliation of the outer dead skin cells.

Key Ingredients: Anti – Stress minerals, Vitamin E , Cocoa Powder and Walnut Shell Powder


Activate Skin Recharge Crème:

Activate skin Recharge crème instantly recharges your skin while giving it toning, firming, cooling and mattifying effect. Deep Nourishment for dull skin with phyto – mineral synergy gives instant lifting, tightening and increased skin tonicity.

It comes with Gel + crème like consistency which is light weight and has a very smooth texture. You need only pea sized amount of product to cover entire face. It blends easily into skin, and gets absorbed almost instantly, giving a complete non sticky feeling on your skin and it won’t feel tacky at all. After regular usage of this cream your skin feels tighten and toned.

Key Ingredients:  Tree Fern extracts, Anti stress minerals, Shea Butter , Menthyl PCA.


The entire routine of activate face wash, chocolate scrub and cream will provide complete skin recharge action